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VIJAY POWER CONTROL SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.,(VPCS) is reputed transformer manufacturers and services company based in Bangalore. we are BIS Licensed, ISO Certified company registered with MSME and SSI. We have the in-house capability to design power and distribution transformers to all specifications of power distribution companies, utilities, electricity boards, as well as star rated energy efficient transformers. We also offer customized designs to meet the specific requirements of the customers. Our transformers have acquired wide acceptance in the market and are marketed under the VIJAY TRAFO brand name across India.
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"QUALITY IS NOT ON ACT, IT IS A HABIT" Quality is the priority in our organization, right from selecting raw material to workmanship to final testing. Supervision and testing is carried out at numerous intermediatory stages for proper quality control.

We test each transformer under
  •          Insulation resistance measurement.
  •          Measurement of voltage ratio & checking of voltage vector relationship.
  •         Measurement winding resistance.
  •         No-load current and no-load loss at rated voltage.
  •        Measurement of voltage, impedance and load loss.
  •          Separate surge voltage withstand test.
  •          Induced voltage withstand test (D.V.D.F)
  •         Test on oil samples for B.D.V
  •         Oil leakage test for transformer tank.


The following facilities are set up.


We have the plant capacity to manufacture transformers up to 40 MVA / 220 KV class.

Radiator plant

The cooling sections are made from 1mm to 1.25 mm thick CRCA steel strips, in widths of 226 mm, 300 mm, 380mm and 520 mm. Each radiator is made-up of a number of sections spaced at 50 mm centres, the number depending upon the heat to be dissipated. Radiators with higher number of sections can also be manufactured against specific requirements.

Tank fabrication plant

The transformer Tank Fabrication Plant with leak proof and robust welding . The painting of the external surfaces is done. Finsish painting after the substrate is completely cleaned and gotten rid of rust, scale etc. by sand blasting grit blasting

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The following facilities are set up.
Our Testing Facilities : 

  •  Ratio meter
  •  Megger
  •  Micro Ohm meter
  •  Power Analyser
  •  High Voltage test transformer 70kVrms
  •  Motor generator set for high frequency
  •  Intermediate transformer
  •  Dimmer stat
  •  BDV Tester
  •  Micrometer
  •  Vernier Caliper 
  •  Steel scale, tape
  •  Pressure guages  
  •  Oil filtration system