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Furnace Transformers (Induction and Arc Furnace)

Furnace Transformers

The furnace transformer supplying power to Electric Arc Furnace has to handle extremely high currents in the order of kilo-Amps depending upon furnace ratings.

  • Range

    16kVA to 5MVA

  • Voltage

    33kV; 22kV; 11kV; 6.6kV; 3.3kV; 0.765kV; 0.575kV; 0.480kV; 0.433kV; 0.140kV; 0.180kV; 0.100kV

  • Vector Group

    As per IS: 2026 (part 4)

  • Class of insulation

    Class A

  • Cooling


  • Type

    On load tap changer/off load tap changer

  • Frequency

    50 HZ

  • Applicable standard

    IS: 2026/IS: 335/IS: 2066/IS: 3347 OR IEC: 60076